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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me – am I your ideal client?

Do we have to use Quickbooks for our bookkeeping?

Short answer- yes. We are a QuickBooks shop, which means we only work with QuickBooks. We do this for a reason- we are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. This means we have the depth of expertise you need, keep track of software changes and improvements, and can answer your questions on QuickBooks procedures and transactions.

What if our files aren’t in Quickbooks or we don’t even have files?

No worries! If you have been using another software for your bookkeeping, have your financial files in Excel spreadsheets, or don’t have any digital files at all, we can help you set up a QuickBooks file and import or input your data.

What if my taxes aren’t up to date?

Trust us, you won’t be the first client we’ve had with this dilemma. If you are not current with your taxes, your CPA will let you know what information they need in order to help you. We can create records using the historical data you provide that allows your CPA to file back taxes and get current with the government.

I’m afraid my past bookkeeper has made mistakes – what do I do?

Don’t keep worrying – take charge of the situation and get it corrected now. Like right now! Whether you or your staff has made mistakes, either accidentally or intentionally (it happens), we can help. We can review your files for proper reporting and accuracy. If we find mistakes, we can help you make a plan to clean up your files, and get the information to your CPA so you are on the right track.

How big does my business have to be to work with you?

We don’t choose our clients based on size, rather, by their bookkeeping needs and whether we think it’s a good fit for both parties. Our customized services can help you if you are a large organization needing weekly attention, a small organization needing monthly or even quarterly reporting, a business with in-house staff entering transactions but needing help balancing the books and creating necessary financial reports, or anything in between.

I’m a really small business – can you still help me?

Of course – we love small businesses! We love larger businesses too, but we love being a part of something that is growing. Whether a small-in-staff but large-in-potential start-up, or a steady growth small to mid-size organization, we consider ourselves your business partner and are vested in your success.

What if my books are a real mess?

Think you can scare us? Try again! While it might be nice to have all our clients come to us with perfect books, not only would we would find it boring, but you wouldn’t need us. The reality is, businesses with messy books are a challenge and good prospects. If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you up front (but that isn’t likely to happen).

Why would I choose CB – are you my ideal bookkeeper?

How much experience do you have?

Our bookkeepers are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and have decades of experience working with all types of organizations and individuals. Yes, “numbers” is our second language, and although bookkeeping transactions and journal entries are our norm, we are sticklers for getting it right, every time.

Do you work within a particular industry?

No, why would we want to do that? We enjoy working across industry types, and also have experience with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. While we may have had more clients over the years in certain niches, like professional service providers, construction and real estate, and non-profit member associations, we welcome businesses in any industry.

Will you work with my CPA?

We LOVE our CPA partners. We are happy to talk to your CPA to understand what they need, when they need it, and any special requests. We receive many referrals from CPAs because they like to work with clean files, and they know they get them from us. Really, it’s true! If you want a better relationship with your CPA, consider bringing us into the partnership.

I have a CPA, why do I need you?

Traditional CPA services include tax preparation and tax planning advice. Some CPA firms provide bookkeeping, some don’t. Some CPA firms charge premium prices for bookkeeping since they are a CPA firm. Many organizations find a perfect balance with an outsourced bookkeeping firm and a CPA on their team.

I do a little QuickBooks myself, can you do the rest?

Let’s chat. We customize our proposals for the bookkeeping expertise you need. To be honest, sometimes it is easier (and can turn out more affordable) to hand over the reins (we mean files) and let us do our thing. Think of how much more you can get done with this off your plate.

How are you different than other bookkeepers?

Who said we were different? Oh, yeah, we did. Seriously, we have purposefully built a firm with 3 goals in mind. 1) The right size: not a one-woman freelancer moonlighting from home but not a huge firm where clients are a number and not a real person, 2) a focus on personal, long-term relationships, and 3) a unwavering commitment to excellence in our work, our responsiveness, and our reputation. We believe the balance of these three things make us different than a lot of other bookkeeping firms.

Who, what, when, where- logistics

How much do you charge?

Our fees are based on time spent on your projects. When we first talk about what you need, we prepare a proposal outlining costs, timelines, and expectations.

Do you do one-time projects?

Yes, of course we do! We’ll tell the truth, we’d love to have an ongoing working relationship with you and have the opportunity to be your full-charge bookkeeper, but if you need something specific, let’s talk about it.

Do you process payroll?

We have found that it is more cost effective for our clients to use a company that focuses on payroll processing as their primary service. Our goal is to find the best fit for you, and we can refer you to someone who will be a good fit for these services.

How do we work together?

When you work with Capital Bookkeeping, you have a dedicated ProAdvisor who handles your bookkeeping. This allows us to get to know each other and creates consistency in our collaboration. We are flexible in communication methods and work locations.


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