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Our Clients

Who do we work with? From dog walkers to wine importers, we’ve seen it all. Our experience is diverse.

We work with any type of organization, but really shine in professional services, real estate and construction, non-profits, trade associations, law practices, engineering firms, and medical offices.

We are experienced with special issues related to complex accounting created by partnership and vested capital situations where equal financial representation is critical. Having an outside, objective bookkeeping firm provides critical checks and balances to owners and partners and helps avoid potential internal strife.

Whether you are a co-owner with fiduciary responsibilities to a partnership or shareholders, or a one-person enterprise working hard for yourself, you can count on Capital Bookkeeping to bring specialized expertise to your bookkeeping.

Our goal is create a successful, long-lasting relationship with our clients, so we want to make sure you are a fit for us and we are a fit for you. How do we find out? Let’s talk about it!

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